Baseball Academies




Leadership School (Age 12-15)


What is leadership all about?  How does one become a leader?  What qualities and characteristics does a good leader possess...


North Shore Spring Hitting Academy (Ages 7-9)


This class is designed for the true beginner who wants to establish a sound fundamental swing at an early age.  Coach KJ Big...


North Shore Spring Parent/Player Pitching Class (Ages 9-11)


This class is designed for those pitchers who have a working knowledge of the basics and now want to take the next steps in b...


Talkin' Baseball


Did you ever want to rap with a former Major League Pitcher who came within one out of throwing a "no h...


West Side Winter Hitting Academy (Session 2, Age 13-16)


Brookfield High School Varsity baseball head coach Jeff Bigler will be heading up these academy sessions! Coach Bigler’s ap...