Basketball Teams

basketball teams

Bigler Sports is very excited to announce that this year we now have two 15U and one 14U Select Basketball Teams!  Check out our team rosters.

Bigler Select U14

Bigler Select Orange U15

Bigler Select Black U15




A note from the Jimmy V Classic program…

Because of the great experience we had last year in the Jimmy V Classic, we made sure that the tournament was part of our spring and summer schedule again for this year’s Bigler Select basketball teams.  And, because of what the Jimmy V Foundation represents for the continuation of cancer research, and the number of people that have been helped by donations and pledges, we felt that it made a lot of sense for the athletes in our program to become a little more involved, this year.

We decided that a free throw shooting fund raiser would be appropriate since we were already working hard to improve that part of the sport.  We set aside June 22 as our ‘Charity Stripers’ fund raiser at Lake Country School in Hartland, created pledge sheets and gave them to our athletes at one of our practices in late May.

Each athlete shot 100 free throws and received pledges based on how many they made.  Many of the pledges were also flat dollar amounts for the Foundation.  The pledges were then collected and totaled and we were pleased to be able to write a check in the amount of $2,373.60 to the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research.

After watching the ESPY’s this week and being reminded of the importance of ongoing research that has been possible because of donations like this, we are making plans to expand this for next year’s participation in the tournament.  Because of foundations like the MACC Fund and Jimmy V, the cure rate for cancer among children has increased from 20% to 80%, in the last 30 years.

Head coach for Bigler Select Black team Justin Dwyer spearheaded the push to have this fundraiser and is making sure that every athlete in our program has the opportunity to view the inspirational Jim Valvano speech at the ESPYs, 20 years ago, as we watch it as a team during the ‘Classic’ in the Dells.