Bigler Sports partnership opportunities extend far beyond impressions. They create an unmeasurable association value with the life changing experience of youth sports.

Interested in being an official partner of Bigler Sports? We’re currently seeking partners for our 2016 season, which will consist of at least 4 tournament events & our popular Fall Ball league. If you believe your business, brand, or personal sponsorship is a good fit shoot us an email. Read below for more information.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Bigler Sports brings sponsors the opportunity to represent their brands in the best possible light. At Bigler Sports we have various advertising arrangements geared towards making a direct impact for you and your company. There are many reasons we can become a great partner for your company.

We Value our Partner: The Bigler Sports organization will work diligently to meet your requests and deliver exceptional customer service.

We Give You Emotional Ties to America’s Favorite Pastime: Advertisers can cash in on the many powerful emotions associated with baseball’s traditions in a great family environment

Our Players look to us for Recommendations: Wisconsin is a great place to visit during the summer for the whole family, and travel team players come with their whole families to spend entire weekends at and around our tournaments, training camps and events.

Interactive Opportunities are Frequent and Personal: Our reach is broad. We can introduce you or your brand to thousands of different players. Most of them play at our parks many times throughout the year. More than a few play several times each week on different teams. Bigler Sports tournaments and Fall Ball leagues include free apps that put information and your brand in our players hands all year.


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