Big Time Try-Out Information

To those of you interested in our program, I wanted to give you a bit more information as to what we’re looking for and also what separates us from our competition as to how we run our program.


First of all, what separates us from most other programs is the following…
1. We are all about instruction and practice and we not only provide the physical skills and techniques needed to excel at the game but we also provide classroom sessions which help teach baseball IQ and how to play the game at a higher level. These sessions will include guest speakers, motivational talks and several different written quizzes that will test and enhance their knowledge of the game.
2. We provide former Major and Minor league players to help us do this and we only have “paid” coaches for all of our teams that have the knowledge and experience necessary to do the job and do not have any parental biases.
3. We are a feeder program for the high schools and are designed and built around our players playing for their school.


What we at BT are looking for in a player would be the following…
1. Coachable attitude – we are looking for players that realize their need to always get better and have a desire to except instruction, new techniques and feedback. We encourage them to ask questions and interact with their coaches and teammates.
2. Passion – in order for them to learn and get better they need to love the game and they need to practice, listen and work hard if they expect to have results. We do expect that this is the case if they are part of our program.
3. Attitude – we are looking for players that enjoy coming to practice, that embrace and can overcome the fact that baseball is a game of failure and that they understand that they need each other in practice and on the field if they expect to get better. If they are just out to play more tournaments and/or are just out there for themselves then this is not the program for you.

I am very confident in our programs ability to give your son the tools and the knowledge he needs to become the best he can be, and that he will have a great experience along the way. Please check the website for further details or give me a call at 414-303- 7064 if you have further questions.